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PAg ELIGIBILITY – UNIVERSITY OF LETHBRIDGE: Students entering the University of Lethbridge’s 2+2 program seeking a baccalaureate degree MAY NOT be eligible for entrance into the Alberta Institute of Agrologists as an Agrologist In-Training leading towards a professional agrologist designation. Some degree programs at the UofL do not have enough senior agrology course content. Please check the “approved course list” on our AIA website to see which courses are acceptable as agrology courses. If you are uncertain about any programs and your eligibility for registration with AIA, please contact the Registrar at the Alberta Institute of Agrologists.

The following 5 day senior agrology courses have been approved by the AIA Council and are now offered by the Faculty of Extension, University of Alberta (UofA). Each of these courses entails a minimum of 39 hours education and requires a passing mark with the written exam to be eligible for consideration by the AIA registration committee. These courses may be used to make up any course deficiencies noted by the registration or competence committees or may be used to allow a new practice area work. The subjects covered by these senior agrology council approved courses to date are:

  • EXERM 4291 – Applied Hydrogeology in Alberta
  • EXERM 4256 – Applied Hydrology
  • EXERM 4282 – Applied Soil Chemistry
  • EXERM 4284 – Applied Soil Fertility
  • EXERM 4281 – Applied Soil Physics
  • EXERM 4265 – Applied Vegetative Reclamation
  • EXERM 4285 – Environmental Site Assessment and Management
  • EXERM 4268 - Environmental Impact Assessments
  • EXERM 4264 – Land Reclamation Fundamentals
  • EXERM 4269 – Pedology Field School
  • EXERM 4286 – Remediation Technologies
  • EXERM 4290 – Restoring and Creating Wetlands
  • EXERM 4297 – Soil Classification and Mapping
  • EXERM 4280 – Wetland Delineation, Classification, and Assessment
  • EXERM 4307 – Soil Science Fundamentals

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For questions or more information on extension courses that are not offered through the University of Alberta, please contact the AIA Office.