Agrologist in Training (AIT) Agrology Technologist in Training (ATT)
A minimum of four-year, 120-credit Baccalaureate degree in agriculture or environmental science or an equivalent degree that includes: A minimum of a diploma, applied degree or degree from a post-secondary institution recognized by the council with credit in all of the courses related to the practice of agrology required by the council. 

This education must include a minimum of 60 credits that includes:
  • 60 credits agrology of which 24 must be at the senior level (usually 300 or 400 level)
  • 15 credits of foundational natural science (e.g., biology, botany, chemistry, physics, geology, ecology, hydrology, hydrogeology)
  • 3 credits of English/communications
  • 3 credits of math/calculus/statistics
  • 3 credits economics (microeconomics or macroeconomics)
  • 45 credits of agrology
  • 3 credits of English/communications

Of Alberta Institute of Agrologist (AIA) members who received their education in Alberta, 55% took their education at the University of Alberta. Members who were educated in Alberta received their education at 18 different institutions (see table below). The full report on the educational profile of AIA members is here