The In-Training program is a requirement for all newly registered members of the Alberta Institute of Agrologists (AIA). New In-Training members are granted one of two professional designations: Agrologist In-Training (AIT) OR Agrology Technologist In-Training (ATT). The In-Training program must be completed before the full designation of Professional Agrologist (PAg) OR Registered Technologist in Agrology (RTAg) can be granted. In-Training members are registered professionals who must practice under the direct supervision of a qualified registered professional.

The In-Training program is intended to prepare the AIA member for competent, independent and ethical practice.

The In-Training program includes the following key requirements:
  • Completion of the mandatory in-training courses
  • A Review of the Most current Annual Report for AIA
  • Information about the Institute regarding practice standards and continuing competence
  • Completion of required years of Canadian agrology-related work experience
  • Immediate selection of a Practice Area upon acceptance into AIA – to focus learning and practice
  • Submit one reference from a colleague (another professional or supervisor) (they do not need to be a PAg or RTAg).
  • Submit an updated resume using the AIA resume template
  • Maintain their annual CCP requirements during the In-training period
    Upon completion of the In-Training program, the AIA member must apply online to the institute to transition to full designation. It is up to the In-Training member to ensure that all In-Training program requirements are complete and that all documentation has been submitted to the institute for the Competence Committee to review their file.


    The current AIA In-Training program had a requirement to attend the AIA AGM/Conference. 

    NOTE: The AGM/Conference will no longer be held.


    You may continue to take the “current” four In-Training courses until January 11, 2021 and registration for the courses in the current program will close January 11,  2021. The new In-Training course that is to be delivered by Athabasca University has been postponed until January, 2021 to enable final and proper setup of the course. If you have completed the current four In-Training courses, then those courses will be counted as completed for your In-Training course program. Should you wish to wait until the new course offering, you may do so. The existing fee of $500.00 will apply to the current four courses and the existing In-Training program.

    NOTE: The current In-Training program will be closed to registration on January 11, 2021. Those who have registered for the current courses will have until January 11, 2021 to complete the current In-Training course work and exams.

    Should you have any questions about the In-Training program, please contact the AIA office.