Three professional references (PAg, RTAg, PEng, PChem, PBiol, RPF, RPFT) must be provided by all In-Training members just before a request is made to transition to full designation. At least one of the 3 references must be a PAg or RTAg.

The references must be able to verify/support the member’s competence to practice agrology in each Practice Area (PA) selected and identify that the In-Training member is of good reputation and character. The references must:

  • Understand AIA’s PAs and what the PA entails
  • Be familiar with the Core Knowledge PA table and any PAs with detailed practice standards
  • Have experience in the PA being requested by the In-Training member

As needed, AIA will contact references by telephone and conduct a short interview about the In-Training member. All information will be kept in confidence and used only for moving the member forward for their professional designation.